The Fear Book & More

Date: Monday 14th March 2016 to Thursday 14th April 2016, Time: 11am to 7pm (Closed of Sundays)

Amritah Sen
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Curotorial note:


This show is the first representation of an ongoing project based on a singular theme in an interactive way. It is a collaborative, communicative project of hunting down stories from people from different social, mental and geographical boundaries. It deals with one of the most basic emotion of life –‘fear’. My intention is to see whether this apparently negative emotion also caters certain positive traits to us like bonding and connection to past.

Several people, known and unknown shared their stories unconditionally, helping me to give a shape to the books I wanted to make. Sincere thanks to all of them along with BRITTO (Dhaka, Bangladesh), THEERTHA (Colombo, Sri Lanka) and VASL (Karachi, Pakistan) as organizations who helped me out to dig up these stories from local people.

- Amritah Sen