Rajiv Soni

Rajiv Soni moved to Patna as a child, a city which once displayed some of the historic and rarest buildings many of which have disappeared by now giving in to "high real estate demands".

Mr. Rajiv Soni is now a Brand Consultant and Mentor after  forty years of corporate experience in Banking, Advertising, Public Relations and Branding. He best describes himself as a weekend photographer and researcher.

He now lives in Kolkata, a city that offers him a myriad of choices to select his subjects through his lens.
Through an exhibition titled "Bricks of the Raj", of which the photograph here was one of the  exhibits,Mr. Rajiv Soni took an effective step to throw light and bring back to mind some of the glorious architectural structures of the Raj....both Colonial as well as Indian.

Exhibitions: Bricks of the Raj